Risk It All

The Vamps playing ‘Risk It All’

Haven’t heard of The Vamps? Where have you been?

On Friday 1st May, I had the lovely chance to go to their London show at the O2 with my friends- and it was fantastic. I’ll try not to let my biased views come across, being a big fan of them already, but hey; there’s no harm in finding new music right?

The Vamps, with their hit songs Can We Dance, Wildheart and Somebody to You all reaching the Top 5 in UK charts, stole many hearts in their first debut album. The night at the O2 proved to me just how much potential the four boys had. The first support act was the baby-faced boyband The Tide, followed up by X-Factor contestants Union J, before the main act made their glorious appearance. The show had energy throughout. Not to mention that I had near front-stage tickets with the price of around only £30, it was happy days for everybody.

For those unaware, The Vamps is a british pop band. However, before you all start rolling your eyes; no, this is not another One Direction (for one, these guys actually play their own instruments). The band consists of guitarists Bradley Simpson (19) and James McVey (21), who started the band first, as well as the equally talented drummer Tristan Evans (20), and finally bassist Connor Ball (19). Oh, and they can all sing too, with Simpson being the lead singer.




Last year the four-piece were the support act for The Wanted’s Word of Mouth tour. Releasing their debut album ‘Meet The Vamps’ in April, and then steadily remaining active throughout the rest of the year. This year the boys have their first UK Arena tour. In the space of one year, they had already achieved so much. Not to mention that they also announced their US tour last month.

They have worked non-stop, but still remain grounded. Yes, there are boy bands everywhere, and girls and boys alike buy it because admittedly, they are pretty people and have decent music. But there is something about  Brad, James, Connor and Tristan that is so fresh to the industry. Just four lads on tour, the boys play their music and love their fans. Sometimes that’s all you need.With a nearing three million followers on twitter and plenty of subscribers on their youtube channel, the band is steadily building up their fanbase, which we will see grow as this year progresses. Make sure you know about them sooner.

Don’t be hesitant to check out their music- and keep an eye out for the second album, planned to release later this year on the 27th of November.

Links: Twitter: https://twitter.com/thevampsband     Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/thevampsofficial/about    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thevampsofficial    Instagram: https://instagram.com/wearethevamps/

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