If you’re on Teen Fm, you’re likely to, or in the future, be suffering through the long, exhausting period that is called exams. Being in my first year of sixth form and about to do my AS exams, I’m no stranger to the suffocating pressures all associated with school examinations. As I’m writing now, I’ve just come back from my part time job at the cafe, running on six hours of sleep and three shots of coffee. The remaining evening will consist of past papers, flash cards, and probably more caffeine. Fantastic. However, if I were to give any advice; please don’t do what I’m doing.

Here’s some things you could do to cope with the stress, or to reduce it:


1. If you’ve got a part time job, take some time off of it.

TescoYeah, I get that you probably want to start saving money for days out in the summer, but exams should come first. Think about it in the long run; good grades will get you a better job in the future, hence more money. If you haven’t already, speak to your boss about taking some time off. If they’re nice like mine, you’ll get the whole month off, and then earn it back in the holidays.

2. Don’t go overboard with the coffee if you’re not used to it.

My head is spinning and my hands are shaking. Just don’t do it.


3. Take some time off for yourself

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Read a book, listen to music, watch a film. Just take a few hours’ break for yourself, where you can just escape for a while.


4. After school revision is your new best friend.

If your teachers are doing any session, please just go. Nobody wants to stay at school after it’s supposed to end, but nobody wants to stay at school for an extra year when you fail the exams.


5. Get any other responsibilities out of the way or completed. 

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I write for this website, so I’ve prepared several drafts of various articles in order to submit them during the exam period, as opposed to writing them all when I’m supposed to be revising. It saves you a lot more time, but lets you continue on your extra curricular activities.

Starting from tomorrow, I’m getting into exam mode. Ditching any distractions and bad habits like sleeping at 3am, I’m hoping to fully concentrate and successfully revise so I can make it out of the next month or so alive. Everyone has their own way, but remember; stay healthy and happy. As always, take care.