As an English artist who regularly looks at the art market online, I keep coming across the same modern blight of information overload when looking for original art for sale by English artists online.

So here are four ways I hope you find useful to help you find a quality English original artwork for your home or collection.

If you know you would like an original painting by an English artist but not where to start finding one:

1. You could look at galleries.co.uk which is the online resource for the printed monthly magazine Galleries. You can search for galleries and dealers by area, name etc. visit their websites, take a look at the original artwork they offer and get a flavour of the artists work. The printed magazine is very useful too – you can normally pick up a copy free from public art galleries or art galleries around the country.

The high quality galleries shown often represent work in the middle to upper end of the price range. You can go to the artist’s independent websites directly too in the galleries.co.uk/artlinx/#AOnl Artlinks A-Z artists section which is a way of finding somewhat lesser known artist’s original art but you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find both in terms of quality and price of the artwork.

Once you have found an artist you like, you can narrow your search to find out the information you need about where and what artwork is available by the artist.

2. Look out for exhibitions by members of art institutions such as the Royal Watercolour Society website or see the Bankside Gallery etc. with work available to purchase by its (often well know) members. On the upper end of affordable art.

3. You could go straight to websites that broker English artist’s artwork (normally completely internet based), offering affordable art by less well-known or unknown artists. These websites offer art in great quantity but consequently, you loose the insight and knowledge a dedicated gallery or dealer would be able to offer you about an artist you may be interested in.

They take a commission from the artist when you buy the artwork as with a normal gallery with featured artists tending to pay a higher membership fee. Examples below picked according to online presence:





scotlandart.com (high street gallery that also has a large online presence) – original paintings of predominately colourful Scottish views.

4. If you are in no particular hurry to buy online soon, you could find out about art fairs near you online and arrange a visit. They are a good opportunity to see work by art galleries spread around the country under one roof and many of them have different themes’ here are some of the major ones in England.

britishartfair.co.uk London

londonartfair.co.uk London

affordableartfair.co.uk Bristol and London

buyartfair.co.uk Manchester