What is the meaning of Wholesaler? In a wholesale business, the Wholesaler man basically act as a middleman, buying goods from manufacturers in large quantities at a discount, and distributing them to retailers selling goods for a high prices. Most manufacturers only supply minimum full pallet loads, but prefer it if the distributors buy a whole container at a time, so the cycle is Manufacturers, Wholesaler, Retailers then Customers.

In this business you must have good negotiation skills to get the lowest possible products prices from the manufacturers so that you can have decent margin to cover the costs of distribution and leave a profit.

There are some strategies to achieve the best possible prices, ranging from simple haggling, quantity discounts, early payment discounts and even buying whole container loads in partnership with other wholesalers that did not compete in our area.

A wholesaler usually works with the manufacturer to provide quantities of goods to other retail outlets or businesses. Often, they may also be the distributor of the product as well. A wholesaler is usually only interested in volume sales and does not sell single or low-quantity lots of the products. In situations such as this the manufacturer sells only to its wholesalers, who in turn sell to businesses or distributors. The manufacturer may be the wholesaler in some cases they usually handle all logistics involved in getting the merchandise to your location, as well as billing for the products and delivery.

It is important to research and evaluate all the channels available to you when deciding to purchase merchandise for your business. Market factors, competition and availability will all play a factor in deciding what products to carry and how to obtain them.