Facebook may be tracking your every move while on the go, using the Facebook App.

Facebook Privacy


With over 1.5bn users worldwide, Facebook is one of the top dogs when it comes to Social Media. It can be quite daunting at times, when you think about all of the information you are sharing. Who can actually see this, where will it end up, how long will it be around for?

The answers to the above are fairly straight forward, anybody can see anything you post on social media, whether it’s something you have set to ‘Public’ or content which a friend has copied and uploaded elsewhere, nobody knows where it will end up and it will be around for as long as the internet is around.

Which is why, what we have stumbled across is rather worrying. Facebook has an inbuilt privacy option to track your every movement while on the move.

If you notice occasional messages from Facebook such as ‘Joe Blogs is Nearby’ or you’re suddenly seeing advertisements targeted at specific places you have been to, without posting online about it…Facebook may be tracking your location.

The feature has been in place since 2014, however it has only now come to the surface, which means Facebook may have your location history stored for the past 2 years +.


To check if this is enabled on your profile, simply;

  • Load the Facebook App on your device
  • Navigate to Account Settings, then Location
  • Here you will see if Facebook is logging your location history
  • To turn it off, simply slide the button to off.

You may have already turned this feature off, but many of your friends an family wont have. If being tracked and having a detailed map of your day to day routines sounds appealing to you, by all means leave it on. But I know what I will be doing.