So you are the party chair of your fraternity. Are you trying to find the most epic ideas for the upcoming mixer? The fraternity may call them “exchanges,” or you may just be hosting events during homecoming. I call them the most excellent experiences in college, and each fraternity ought to make an effort to have as many mixers as you can.

Here are three fraternity and sorority mixer suggestions that should definitely help make your upcoming fraternity and sorority mixer a tremendous success:

Around the globe Mixer – You know those restaurants or beer packs sold in food markets where one can sample cans of beer from all around the world? Effectively it is possible to have a party like that, too.

Feature beverages as well as favors you’ll discover of all around the world. French wine, Kentucky whiskey, American Beer (the best in the world), etc. And it doesn’t need to be just alcoholic refreshments – Canada Dry, anyone?

Give your attendees a passport after they show up. Have stamps at each country you check out, and fill up your passport. Your favors can be fun, too. This is about sampling the fun. Definitely don’t label this mixer “Study Abroad;” that sends the wrong message. For extra craziness, have your guests dress up with a outfit from various nations.

Graffiti Mixer – And so it’s the conclusion of the year, and you must have a great event. You need to take this instant to celebrate the wonderful time your fraternity had the past year. Do you recollect when we used to write in each other’s yearbooks in high school? Well, you’re in a fraternity now, and the next best thing is a plain shirt and plenty of markers. For a bit of extra excitement, use some black lights and glow in the dark products like highlighters.

Opposites Attract Mixer – Sororities seem to have fun with this particular mixer idea, and your visitors will come in sets. Have friends or dates form teams with each other, and make the craziest opposites you’ve ever heard. We’re not really talking about salt and pepper. How about Michael Vick and the Dog Whisperer? Or even summer and winter. The point is not to make sense… it’s to have absurd outfits. And remember the more absurd the actual costumes you have normally means an awesome time.

As always, make sure to follow your fraternity’s risk management procedures during your fraternity mixer. Do not forget to continually put your best foot forward during the mixer. You need to be sure that your fraternity gets the opportunity to mix with the sorority down the road.