About Us

What is Teen FM?

TeenFM is an online licensed radio station aimed at giving young people the opportunity to get involved with radio. TeenFM offers the chance for teenagers as young as 13 years old (and up) to get involved, whether it be presenting, journalism, interviewing, scripting for jingles or General Idea’s.

TeenFM are one of the few internet radio stations fully licenced by both licences, also providing around the clock entertainment. We have a dedicated team of staff and are always looking for more of you to get involved.

When was Teen FM Founded?

TeenFM was founded in 2007 by Dan Porter.
In March 2009 George Towner took over the running of the station and successfully took it through 5 years of online broadcast. In September 2014 Dan Porter relaunched Teen FM and has since has grown from strength to strength. TeenFM has done countless charity work and interviews.

Teen FM Funding

 TeenFM is paid for by donations and advertising. We work hard to build up new and existing relationships with our clients.

Every penny we are able to obtain goes a long way with the running costs of the station. All money goes into pay our licence fees, equipment and any other charge we have to pay to be legal.

No member of staff gets paid for what they do at TeenFM, all work is voluntary.


TeenFM is fully licensed by PPL & PRS/MCPS to broadcast online in the UK, Ireland & other territories as per licensing terms stated by the specified licenses.

Charity Fundraising

TeenFM is fully involved with local charities, some of which include Macmillan Cancer Research & Wings of Hope. TeenFM raise money for charities through the form of fundraising events. Past events have included a Wacky Olympics, 61 Hour broadcasting, and music gigs for local unsigned artists to showcase their music to an audience.
TeenFM work hard to provide fundraising events for up to two charities a year.

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