Snapchat ‘Spectacles’ Have Arrived in the UK

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We have seen over the past few years, how Apple have designed the Apple Watch to go alongside iPhones and iPads or even with Microsoft introducing Cortana to our computers.

Today, Social media giant- Snapchat has released some new technology and it is pretty cool!

They have released some video recording spectacles which also act as sunglasses to the markets.

The glasses can record 10 second clips and then connect to a users smartphone and upload it via Snapchat to their story or to their friends.

They come in a variety of different colours, which can be purchased either online or from a “Snapbot”- which are specifically placed vending machines. But, they will only be found in a certain place for one day according to reports. So no two days will have the “Snapbot”.

However, the spectacles are not cheap. A set would cost you £129.99 which is significant, but it’s up to you whether you want to buy them or not.


So, when you are out and about visiting some fantastic attractions across the UK and Europe, look out for the Snapbot or purchase a set of these glasses.

You’d be able to create some amazing memories and share them to your story and send to your friends on Snapchat.


Let us know if you see a Snapbot and send us some of your amazing photos or videos you create from these glasses if you buy them.


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