Methods To Help Sleeping In Hot Weather

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For most of us, the past few days have been what we call ‘summer’ weather, which the UK has experienced as a whole. There is reportedly more good weather on the way which is great!

However, we approach summer officially soon and there is nothing worse than struggling to sleep due to the intense heat. Here are a few tips on how to get a good sleep in hot weather.

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Here are a few tips on how to get a good sleep in hot weather:


1: Having a cold shower

Not many people like having a shower that is cold, however, during spells of hot weather a cold shower will help to lower your body temperature, ultimately helping you to sleep.


2: Air conditioning

You could use a fan to help keep the room mild and not too warm. If you feel that this isn’t working, you could put a bowl of ice in front of it, and this will create a cooler feel from the fan as it blows air.


3: Feet cooling

You could even try to cool your feet by sticking them in the bath, basin or bowl using cold water. This will help you to cool down.


4: Water

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water as this will help to keep the body hydrated and at a moderate temperature. Tip: Add ice often to give you a cold drink.


5: Windows

Keep them closed on days when it is hot: only during the day when there is a lot of heat as this will keep the house to a moderate temperature. In the evening, when it is cooler outside, you can open windows to keep a cool breeze running through the house.


So, when the temperatures are warm outside, you’ll have some tips on how to ensure you can keep your body at a cool temperature and sleep better.


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