Am I Normal? The new information hub for 14 – 19 year olds!

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Channel 4’s ‘Am I Normal’ is a one-stop online hub containing information, advice, interviews, polls and much more on a range of topics, from boosting your self-confidence to staying safe online.

With the summer holidays now in full swing and you’re thinking about what to do next, the site has a section dedicated to ‘Earning & Learning’ offering tips on how to tackle interviews, potential careers available to you and interesting insights into different industries to give you a step up into your ideal job! (Even information on what you need to become an astronaut!!)

The site also offers a collection of short films and video interviews of celebrities which are all freely available to view at anytime.

If you have any questions relating to, basically anything… check out Am I Normal! You’re bound to find the answers, if not you can always suggest a topic to be included by using the form on the bottom of their website.

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